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FoodWrite Ltd is a consultancy owned by Alastair Sansome-Smith PhD MIFST MIFT who is a seasoned professional in food and beverage science. 

  • Many years’ experience (nearly 30) in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) environment and offers extensive skills and competencies as a technical consultant to food businesses of whatever size and hue. 
  • Preparation of marketing material for assorted food businesses, white papers, application notes, technical articles and blogs.
  • Development of food and beverage opportunities for a range of businesses  by accelerating product development,  promoting growth, resolving issues and reducing their costs. The consultancy has successfully improved the financial bottom line of a range of businesses- small, single entrepreneurships through to large FMCG concerns.

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Customers are typically suppliers of food related technologies, processing, ingredients and products. He provides expertise and resource on their projects, which not only improves the performance and profitability of these businesses, but also develops their knowledge and understanding. Whatever the situation, the support is tailored to the customer.

Contract work and temporary positions through 3rd-party organisations is also undertaken if this is more desirable. FoodWrite Ltd also collaborates with other colleagues in the food business to implement and successfully conclude projects.   As a Director for Acumentia Consultants Ltd. he is able to source other expertise for projects as well as other independent resources through an extensive network of contacts. Sourcing funds and research information for projects is also a speciality having recently won for example a Technology Strategy Board competition.

Take a look at the bottom of the page and the case studies page for examples of the projects that have been undertaken. 

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♥ Advice on exploiting innovative ideas based on market review (supply chain initiatives, novel processing methods, optimisation processes, etc.)

♥ Literature surveys, value dossiers and content writing especially for web-sites – scientific, clinical, technical and business information

♥ Infographics

♥ Research writing and reports for academics and commercial business, white papers, technical papers and material for copyright purposes.

♥ Ingredient selection – application, functionality and nutrition

♥ New product and recipe development, with costings and shelf-life prediction.

♥ Analytical techniques reviewed in conjunction with third party manufacturers and suppliers.

♥ Technology scouting and product opportunity assessment

♥ Manufacturing scale-up and optimisation of processes 

Preparation of Phase I and II European Union proposals for research grants (H2020/Eurostars/Eureka!/Euratom)

♥ Blog articles and posts for web-sites covering scientific, clinical and technical information.

♥ Product documentation and specifications for third party manufacturing

♥ Marketing claims, regulatory and legislative  assessment

♥ Statistics -descriptive, business and project analysis, and experimental design including

♥ Project management, working with multi-functional teams to ensure milestones met and to budget 

♥ Research project investigation, validation and verification

♥ Market research on existing use & novel technologies, ingredients and food products in conjunction with third party analysts.

♥ Technical and commercial support writing, manuscripts, brochures and newsletters with articles suited to publication in both trade and scientific press

♥ Protocols/protocol amendments

♥ Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and written working practices.

♥ Regulatory submission summary documents

♥ Workshops – ingredients, product development, product science etc.


♣ Beverages (carbonated & non-carbonated), ready to drink (RTD), concentrates, thermal and non-thermal processing technologies for beverages.

♣ Dairy: milk products, iced coffee, smoothie and yogurt drinks.

♣ Food and dietary supplements especially sports nutrients.

♣ Fruit: Novel fruits especially for South America and South-East Asia, fruit juices and formats such as pulps, concentrates, smoothies, clarified juices and nectars.

♣ Fruit juice processing – conventional and novel techniques. (e.g. maceration, enzyming, aroma recovery and evaporation, storage).

♣ Snacks – creation and preparation of snack products including extruded goods, the use of raw materials such as chickpeas, popcorn etc.

♣ Ingredients – acids, carbohydrates especially starch use and chemistry, colours, emulsifiers, fats and oils (dietary and frying), flavours, fibres (fibers) and pectins, dietary minerals, thickeners and stabilisers, preservatives, proteins, sweeteners including Stevia, sugars and other carbohydrates, vitamins.

♣ Novel process technologies – high pressure processing, pulsed electric field processing, steam cooking, new cooking and frying techniques, microwave vacuum drying all complementing more traditional thermal processes.

♣ Nutritional foods- dietary supplements, sports nutrition products (beverages, bars, powders, milks), fortified and nutritionally modified foods.

♣ Bioactives including extraction and product use.

♣ Packaging and closures suitability, especially novel materials and their interactions with ingredients and products.

♣  Agricultural products especially those from herded animals (I know it’s unusual but I’ve been working on cured meats for example !).

♣ Process control and SPC, On-line and off-line process analysis including mid-infra red technology.

♣ Drones and tracking devices for herding animals.

♣ Biochemical engineering processes especially anaerobic digesters and protein production through fermentation.

♣ Regulatory aspects and applications advice including elements of intellectual property (IP) and to support product labels. Recent projects include preparation of supporting patent interpretation for US Patent Attorneys (3 examples can be given), USA based legislation especially various CFR aspects (babyfood), European Food Contact Material Legislation. Other regulatory activities regard alcohol legislation in Europe and the UK.

♣ CIEH Level 4 Food Safety Management In Manufacturing. Now offering Level 2 training in Food Safety Management.

♣ Personal license.


Recently completed briefs not covered as case studies in product development, regulatory or technical analysis  include (all approved following arrangement to provide generic data for web-site):

– sourcing novel health food ingredients for a start-up business (B2B) in the UK

– numerous telephone consultancy work in the areas of citrus processing, use of probiotics, vacuum sealing and processing.

– flip-top closures for delivering novel ingredients

– sourcing new processing enzymes for a West Country cider manufacturer and demonstrating applications at site.

-supply chain investigation on food safety for a defence contractor Riskaware Ltd as part of a KTP analysis (2013-2014).

-preparation of dry food mixes for snack products (2015-2018.

-use of starches and fiber in oat-based snacks (2017-2019) including a consultancy on starch application in porridge oats (2020).


♥ Cider  ♥ Iced Coffee (cold brew, RTD, nitrogen-infused) ♥ Nutritional Beverages: ready to drink and concentrates, energy and protein drinks  ♥ Bars: Confectionary and protein Bars  ♥ Snacks: popcorn, extruded products ♥ Sports supplements – powders, single ingredient capsules ♥ Vitamin waters ♥ Sauces and salsas.

Please contact me if you would like to explore opportunities on any form of food consultancy but especially the product development of beverages such as cider and RTD coffee, food products, weight management products and fibre products containing beta-glucan.

 Tel: 0044 1594 810704 M: 0044 7714101039

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for sending me a note. Always interested in people who are keen on this sort of job. We are not advertising within FoodWrite at the moment for anybody but I would be pleased to know what you are up to in the food world. Best regards Alastair

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